SAFE Apparel 2019 SAFExRADIORADIO Collection Lookbook

SAFE Apparel 2019  SAFExRADIORADIO Collection Lookbook

Production: Bas van Berkel & Frits van Liempt
Photography: Jaimy Gail
Styling: Bas van Berkel
Models: Mehran Palad, Grisha Prevoo
Special thanks to: RadioRadio


SAFE x Radio Radio: Tala Drum Corps, Yòp, Match Box & Slimfit

You’ve probably already guessed it, but our upcoming release will be a collaboration with one of Amsterdams most highly appreciated clubs, or at least we highly appreciate it.

After a booming release party for our recent SAFExSusan collection, we couldn’t get enough of this place.

RadioRadio invited us back to do a unique collaboration collection. The collection will contain two items in two very fresh colors. As usual we invited a designer to do the artwork. This time

SAFE Apparel 2019 Who's Safe Susan Collection Lookbook

SAFE Apparel 2019  Who's Safe Susan Collection Lookbook

Production: Bas van Berkel & Frits van Liempt
Photography: Joris Maatman
Styling: Bas van Berkel
Models: Abel MellemaBettina Eleanor
Special thanks to: RadioRadio, Who's Susan


SAFE the environment



Quality of products

At SAFE Apparel we aim to deliver the best possible quality products. You should be able to wear your SAFE gear anytime, as often as you want maintaining it’s quality. In the proces of selecting the items we look at the fit of an item, quality of the fabric and last but not least...

SAFEXSUSAN Collaboration

We’ve teamed up with our dear friends at Who’s Susan, an Amsterdam based house label, to bring you a special collaboration. As we are both fascinated by any form of art, including music, it seems nothing but logical to put SAFE and Who’s Susan in a blender and see what comes out. We’ve come up with some fresh new clothes and a piece of vinyl as well. Together we curated an EP by combining the musical vision of SAFE and the electronic vibes of Who’s Susan. The EP is a mixture...