interview and photoshoot with ghqst 2015

Quincy Ofosu / GHQST

This 19 year-old rapper has a lot to say and a lot of love to give. He is a gentle and honest guy. He seems to take his relationships with friends and other people seriously, as much as he does his music. “Music is timeless and it’s a beautiful thing that in ten years people can still listen to what you created today.”

He understands his role in motivating other young people to do what they love; he is conscious of his existence and says he is an open-minded person, which may make him different from other rappers. This shows in how he treats everyone the same and he isn’t trying to prove anything to anyone: he just does what he loves. Quincy is part of the SMIB community, which he describes as his family, where everyone does their own thing but comes together as a collective. SMIB is something that developed naturally, he says: “I didn’t join SMIB, SMIB has evolved out of us”.

We are proud to call GHQST a member of the SAFE family.

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His latest music-video

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Photos and text by Hanna Eenhoorn