SAFE the environment



Quality of products

At SAFE Apparel we aim to deliver the best possible quality products. You should be able to wear your SAFE gear anytime, as often as you want maintaining it’s quality. In the proces of selecting the items we look at the fit of an item, quality of the fabric and last but not least the durability. Also we look after the quality of the prints on our items. With each collection a new designer takes great care of making a design and we want that to last. We carefully look into what kind of pressing technique is used and what we can do so the print lasts when you wash your items. We believe that a product of great quality that lasts longer is a joy to wear for years. 


Besides our vision on providing quality products, we are well aware of our changing environment. More and more we as humans are confronted with the consequences of our ways of living. The effects our ways of living have on the environment can be disastrous. Our planet is resilient but if we don’t change our ways it will eventually die, with us, and everything that lives on it. As a small lifestyle brand we don’t have that much of an impact, but we still believe we have to do our part and set the right example. We have been looking at what our impact is and how we can make SAFE a sustainable brand. In this process the first step seems so be to minimize waste. Every year we see clothing brands overwhelming the public with a minimum of 4 collections. Collections that are never sold out and in the end are being forced onto you with sales and eventually are thrown away. Here we see a first step for SAFE in changing our habits and setting an example for the industry. 


For the coming collections we have decided to work with a pre-order system. This way we produce an exact amount of items and have no unnecessarily produced items. The Pre-order will go online in the coming weeks, we’ll make sure you’ll be informed about it. At our release event on the 16th or March there will be a minimal amount of items available for those who missed out on the pre-order. The first batch of clothes will be shipped from the 18th of March.