About SAFE

adjective \ˈsāf\
1.    when describing something or someone that is cool
2.    used to express a greeting
3.    to signify an agreement

SAFE Apparel is a sub cultural lifestyle brand founded in 2015, London inspired and Amsterdam based. At SAFE we strive to mix fashion with sports, streetwear and youth culture. Inspired by art, music and people we work on creating the best possible products.

SAFE Apparel believes in connecting people from every background. We like to work with ambitious young individuals who are working hard to become big, just like us. SAFE is always looking for people with an attitude and strong personal style to work with. 

For every collection we work with a different kind of artist or illustrator to give an extra dimension to our collections, and to support new talent. At SAFE Apparel, our focus lies on the clean logo’s, good quality and details. 




At SAFE Apparel we aim to deliver the best possible quality of products. Besides our vision on providing these products, we are well aware of the changing environment. Even though we have a small impact, we believe that we have to set the right example. Our planet is resilient but will eventually die with us, and everything that lives on it if we don’t take action. That’s why we have decided to work with a pre-order system in order to minimize waste and leave a possible footprint as small as possible on this planet.