SAFE x Radio Radio: Tala Drum Corps, Yòp, Match Box & Slimfit

You’ve probably already guessed it, but our upcoming release will be a collaboration with one of Amsterdams most highly appreciated clubs, or at least we highly appreciate it.

After a booming release party for our recent SAFExSusan collection, we couldn’t get enough of this place.

RadioRadio invited us back to do a unique collaboration collection. The collection will contain two items in two very fresh colors. As usual we invited a designer to do the artwork. This time Tijmen Lohmeijer made a canvas out of the back of the items. Tijmen is not only talented on canvas, you might have noticed his track Refraction from his Tala Drum Crops - Parade EP in our teaser videos.

For this collaboration there will “of course” be a release event at RadioRadio headquarters. The celebration will take place on the 5th of Juli. Besides beer and a fresh banging line-up, we will also serve food. Behind the Club the RadioRadio Owners just opened up a new Pizza joint, and what better name would there be, PizzaPizza? So come pick a slice and eat your way into the club.

Radio Radio
Date Established /. 2018.
Location /. 
Pazzanistraat 3, 1014 DB
Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Design by: Tijmen Lohmeijer